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Skin Care

  • Causes of Dark Spots and how to brighten up hyper pigmentation

    Effective treatment starts with understanding the reason why you get hyper-pigmentation (dark spots). The article talks about, why people of colour are more prone to experience dark spots and shows the everyday causes of why dark spots emerge. 

    Lastly, the presents a natural treatment, that helped hundreds of people to permanently get rid of their dark spots. 

  • Dry & Chapped Lips: Causes, Symptoms and Remedies

      Chapped Lips: Symptoms and How to Treat them  No one likes dry or chapped lips, it's just uncomfortable. Learn about the causes and Symptoms of...
  • #1 Powerful Face Wash for Acne | Acne Causes & Symptoms

      This Article quickly explains the different causes of acne and presents a powerful natural remedy that has been used for centuries to heal ac...
  • Benefits of African Black Soap

    This complete guide on African Black Soap answers all of your questions: What is African Black Soap? What are the benefits of Black Soap? 

    It also advices you how to store it, how to use it and what to take into account, if you are a first time user .
    Bonus: We rank the best top three African Black Soaps currently on the market. 

  • Real African Black Soap

    With African Black Soap becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetic industry, so does the the amount of harmful, fake and chemically filled African Black Soap bars. 

    How can you differentiate real from fake African black soap? This blog post shows a how-to guide on differentiating the real deal. If you are looking for a 100% real African Black Soap bar, we recommend you buy from us. Ours is sourced from communities in Ghana under strict fair trade regulations. 

  • Best Skin Care Serums for Glowing Skin

    ESPECIALLY FOR DARKER SKIN TONES Have you read our previous post "the complete guide on skin serums" and you know about the vitality o...
  • What's a skin serum and why do I need it? {Complete Guide }

    This complete guide on skin serum and face oil answers all your questions: What is a skin serum? Why do I need a skin serum, when I am already using a moisturiser? And gives you helpful recommendation to find the serum that's right for you. 

  • Best face wash for African-American skin

    African American skin is very sensitive. Yet most face washes are very harsh, and do more damage than good. We have tested several face washes and present you with our favourite natural face wash for dark skin: African Black Soap.  Read more >
  • Skin Care routine for dark skin | Melanin Skin Food

    This complete 6 step guide helps you finding the right products and steps for your daily skin care routine. It's dedicated to dark skin and speaks about the secret to healthy, glowing skin: natural products. It contains a practical DIY honey-tumeric mask and speaks about the do's and don'ts for dark skin care.